Fresh Food.  Great View.


From flower and garden shop, to garden and coffee shop, to today’s incarnation of Beds & Bistro; Jags Beanstalk has taken on a life of its own.

Now offering breakfast and lunch as well as a selection of items to-go we’ve become more than just an island coffee shop.


Our focus is on fresh, wholesome food and speedy, friendly service.  Sourcing as local and as organic as possible, we believe that food should support a community and a community should support its food.  In fact, much of our summer produce and all of our herbs comes from our own garden and greenhouse.

Huevos_ rancheros_Jags_Beanstalk_Haida_Gwaii_Jags_Brown

We serve local eggs, pork and chicken, even our sausage comes from Haida Gwaii suppliers.

Ever conscious of the growing demand for gluten free and vegetarian and vegan fare we make every effort to ensure that you’re nourished, body and soul.

Good food goes a long way.

Serving a wholesome selection of hot offerings, soups, sandwiches, daily pizza, big, fresh salads & sweet treats.  Plus items packed to go for day trips, hikes and beach-side adventure.  We’re sure you’ll find something to satisfy.


Eat Well. Live Well.